Johnsye helped us to accomplish so many things. She helped us choose color palettes and furnishings to bring our home in Pinehurst alive. She listened to the different visions my husband and I had developed an interior design that we both loved. We have young children and Johnsye made wonderful suggestions for a child-friendly home while preserving our goal of casual elegance. When we unexpectedly relocated to Columbia, South Carolina, Johnsye traveled to our home to arrange furniture, place art and accessories, and to install draperies, cornice boards, and blinds throughout our home. We were so pleased with the results both times around!

Laurie and Doug Addy

Pinehurst, NC, Columbia SC

My wife and I have had the privilege of working with Johnsye on 3 historic home renovations in Old Town, Pinehurst since 2012. In addition to having a great eye for detail and impeccable tastes, Johnsye is a pleasure to work with.  She also brings a great sense of ergonomics and livability when laying out a room.  She is hard-working, calm, a great communicator, and follows through on her commitments. I can't say enough about Johnsye White.

Bart and Lynel Boudreaux

Pinehurst, NC

If they have been at it long enough, home designers can demonstrate the fruits of their labors. Beautiful photos of beautiful, enticing home interiors speak for themselves. But it is the journey to the photo that matters. Johnsye White makes the journey a memorable one. Johnsye places humility and professionalism ahead of all else. She is a joyful person and that joy is contagious. Her instincts are so keen that she knows her clients better than they think they know themselves.

She is a master of space. How to see its potential. How to maximize it. How to exceed expectations. Johnsye is practical, often frugal. She knows you are creating a home and that you are not creating a photo shoot for Architectural Digest. (But if you plan to, she can help with that, too.) A day does not go by during which we fail to thank God we are awakening in Pinehurst, that Johnsye envisioned our home and made it reality, and, most importantly, that she is a dear friend for life.

Steve Woodward

Johnsye was right in tune with our personalities and tastes. She has a special way of listening and asking questions that created ample space for our ideas to flourish. We are very grateful for her extremely tasteful and imaginative suggestions and for her sensitivity and guidance when we were headed in the wrong direction. She turned a very daunting task into a creative adventure!

Anna and Anthony Hayward

Asheville, NC

I want to tell everyone how you bring color to my world. And I want to tell everyone how Johnsye helped me decorate two brand new homes and did it in a way that was to my liking and not something that she liked that was forced on me. Together, We've done everything to make a home beautiful, practical and comfortable: selected the color palette, chose wallpaper, placed furniture and accessories, selected a condo full of brand new furniture and accessories, and designed window treatments. I find Johnsye easy to work with and her ideas are fun and different. She has all the resources to carry out whatever needs to be done.

Carolyn Capasso

Pinehurst, NC, North Myrtle Beach, SC

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